Taking the Leap


I started my writing career by documenting the humanitarian journeys of women of African descent. That was a fulfilling time in my life. What I enjoyed the most were the interviews, listening to these women open up about their lives and their quests to leave their mark on the men, women, and children they sought to impact. It is no wonder that in recent months, I have found myself missing that experience of storytelling. 

So when the thought kept coming up, again and again, to seriously pursue ghostwriting, I did not hesitate. After giving it much thought, praying about it and accepting it as a viable addition to the services I would like to provide, I took the leap. And tell you what: I had barely put it out there when I started receiving requests for my ghostwriting services.

To cut a long story short, ghostwriting is now one of the services we provide at The Brielle Agency. The services will focus on nonfiction (such as, memoirs, business/entrepreneurial journeys, and self-help). I am excited about the new road that lies ahead and I look forward to successfully telling some very impactful stories and meeting and interviewing some really interesting people along the way. As much as I love editing, I find that what I love most is the skill of storytelling; using words to create images of a person's life, portraying their challenges and spurring people to action through their triumphs. I know this to be the aspect of writing and editing that leaves a greater impact on my life (and purpose) and in the world at large. So I look ahead with hope for a new chapter in The Brielle Agency story. Contact nicole@thebrielleagency.com if you would like to discuss a book you have burning deep inside you.