Here at The Brielle Agency, we are always looking for new ways to help our clients on their journey to publication and success, which is why the editor-author relationship does not end once a manuscript has gone through the editing stages. We keep in touch, see how we can help on the journey to publication, and help spread the word as soon as the book is published. And this is why we have updated our portfolio page with individualized entries for each book we edited that has made it to publishing and online sales. 

The editor of The Brielle Agency has written a book to help writers correct some of the most common mistakes writers make during the writing process. The book is designed to serve as a guide, throughout the writing process, to help writers pick up on these common errors and how to fix them before they get to an editor's desk. The process of self-editing is a cost-saving process that many writers are unaware of. The closer to perfection your manuscript is, before it hits an editor's desk, the less money you will spend paying an editor to correct your mistakes. 

Some of the topics explored in the book are, reasons why writers should self-edit, how to self-edit, and what to look for when self-editing.

The book will be available for sale this fall. Watch this space for updates!

The TBAG team.

The Brielle Agency is pleased to announce our newest service, author websites. A website is a vital tool every author should have if they wish to be seen and found in today's market. A website is not just about having a presence online (social media sites will give you that), it is about having a place on the web that is within your control. You get to write and publish what you wish, when you want to, but you also get to control ownership of that content as long as you own your domain name and website. We offer basic design services using WordPress. Once your website is up and running, we will turn over full control of the website to you (the author) to update and change as you see fit. The only costs you will incur is a one-time web design and domain registration (If you don't have one) fee. Contact us today for a free quote and to get started!
Great news! Beginning Wednesday, April 1, 2015, you can save big when you sign up with The Brielle Agency as a first-time client. We are offering a 10% discount on all our service rates. This includes first-time referrals. After all, don't we all just love a good deal?
The Brielle Agency recently added a new service to its copyediting and proofreading package. The new service provides editing and proofreading assistance for business and individual LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn is increasingly becoming the top place for employers to seek out potential candidates, and how your profile represents you can either propel you to the next phase of your career, or taint your reputation. Remember, your LinkedIn profile is your online resume, it matters!

The aim of the new service is to help individual and business profile pages stand out among their peers, by correcting grammar and spelling mistakes, removing the fluff, and by helping page owners stay within LinkedIn's company guidelines regarding word usage. Prices start at $25 and can go up depending on the amount of work required to tidy up a profile. Contact for more information on this new service.