In the first issue of Inspirational Mondays, a weekly inspirational newsletter to clients, I talk about how to discover your inner creativity. Read an excerpt below, and then subscribe to receive weekly inspiration in your inbox every Monday morning.

Being creative is not something reserved for artists and writers, we all have it within us. However, it is up to us to create an environment that best suits our creative nurturing. Personally, I'm most creative when I'm quiet. When I lock out the outside noise around me and concentrate on my inner thoughts, that's when I find myself in another world, inside my own mind. That's when I think of all the possibilities and how to bring those possibilities to life. Many of us don't know what we're really capable of creating because we are so focused on all the noise going on around us. The TV noise, the electronic gadget noises, social media noises, naysayer noises; these are all noises that prevent us from earnestly pursuing what lies buried deep inside each one of us. Subscribe  here


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