I am an avid reader. When I say avid, I mean just that. I'll read just about any and everything with words; sign boards, beer bottles, Facebook posts, cereal cartons, road signs, door posters, car bumper stickers, web content, you name it. My eyes are like razor filters too. I notice everything. Sometimes it seems as if my eyes are trained to pick out mistakes. And maybe that is why I came down a little hard on myself when I submitted an article for publication and realized that even after proofreading it 3 times over, I still managed to miss a mistake in the very first sentence. What should have been a proud moment for me turned into almost two weeks of self-doubt and self-beating. How could I have missed that? People are going to read this. I'm supposed to be an editor. No one's going to take me seriously when they read this, etc.

When I eventually got over my pity party, I realized that my mistake was just that; a mistake. It could have happened for so many reasons besides the fact that I was not careful. Even so, that is one article I still don't proudly circulate. As we head into a new week, I want you to remember that mistakes happen, even against our best efforts to avoid them, they happen. It's what makes us human. What we can do instead of beating ourselves up is to look at what could have possibly gone wrong, correct it, and ensure that it doesn't repeat itself. Then move forward with your head held high. Your mistakes do not define you!

Have a blessed and fruitful week ahead!

PS: What I did was correct the article and resubmit it to a different publication. See the article in Today's Innovative Woman Magazine.


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