In February 2016, Malaka Grant, a seasoned writer and author of adult and children’s books, reached out to the managing editor of The Brielle Agency after a mutual friend mentioned her services to Malaka. What makes Malaka’s hiring of The Brielle Agency unique is the fact that she came to us after a failed editing job by another editor. Her book Madness & Tea is a compilation of personal stories and fictitious accounts of stuff going on in her head. It is a rambling, as she calls it, “over nothing” that is as intriguing as it is funny. Already conversant with her style of work, Nicole did not hesitate to take on this challenge, and she’s glad that she did. The work was completed in two weeks and handed over to a very happy and appreciative client.

Madness & Tea has since been published and is now available for sale. Find it at the following stores below:



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