Have you ever been stuck in a rut? I have. Several times. Literally! I can't remember the first time I got stuck in a rut, but I do know that I was living in Ghana at the time and I was very young. It was on a muddy road leading up to our house. The rains had fallen earlier in the day and we all knew to expect that there would be mud and difficulty trying to navigate the muddy roads, but we did not expect to get stuck. One minute the Renault was cruising at a slow, humming pace and the next thing we heard were tires spinning and no movement. The driver got out of the car to inspect the cause of the problem; we were stuck in a rut. For months on end, cars belonging to the residents of New Achimota, where we lived, had driven through the mud, leaving deep ruts in the road. The problem is that we all had to drive this particular road in order to get to our houses, but nobody deemed it their responsibility to fix the holes in the road. So every time it rained, we had to deal with the mud and the ever deepening tire tracks.

I can't quite remember how we got out of the rut, but somehow, we did. My guess is that some Good Samaritans came along and helped the driver push the car out of the rut. There are always Good Samaritans in Ghana. 
Now I ask you again, have you ever been stuck in a rut? This time I mean figuratively. Has your life ever become stagnant, your tires of complacency and comfort just spinning in the same place. Did you stay there? Are you still sitting there? Or did you find a way to get out of your rut? I would love to hear your stories, so please share them by clicking "reply."

Many people get stuck and stay there, mostly because they feel comfortable with where they are. And some stay because of excuses for why they can't move forward. What we all need is a push; be it a push from a Good Samaritan, or a push we give ourselves. My Good Samaritan came in the form of my husband who is never afraid to tell me the truth. I was slacking, and I knew it. I was using the excuse of being a first-time mom as the reason why I couldn't do this or that...why I couldn't seem to move forward. For a while, I was taking on new clients, but my lack of interest and determination showed. I was asking for extensions and using my lack of sleep as a reason why I could not stay late into the night to finish up a project. Thank God that this lackadaisical approach I had towards my work did not have lasting implications. Had this gone on for much longer, I'm sure it would have. But along came my husband's many voices of reason, just in time to kick some sense into me. This is our life! This is your career! It's not just about you! I'm working full time so that you can concentrate on growing your business! You don't get to slack while I have to go out into the world everyday whether I like it or not! Get yourself together!

The shaking was needed, and here I am, unglued and passionate again. Now I stay up late to get work done, and I have found a way to balance work and being a mother that doesn't leave me wanting to pull out my hair at the end of the day. I've even been able to squeeze in daily evening walks without obsessing about deadlines and feeling guilty and incompetent. Yes, my daughter has changed the way I work and I am better for having found a way around it, instead of making one excuse after another. And do you know what ungluing myself from that rut has done for me and for business?

I'm happier, more relaxed, and feeling more accomplished. This has attracted new clients. Positivity breeds positive results. When you're fired up about your passion, people see it and are attracted to it through the energy you emit. The same can happen for you, you just need to come unglued. Get someone to help you push your car out of the muddy rut and move forward. Whatever you have started, you can finish it. If you want an excuse not to, trust me, you will find one. There are hurdles and obstacles everywhere we turn, but we can't let those excuses rule our lives. Talk yourself out of it. Hopefully, this will serve as the first push you need. I look forward to hearing your stories. 


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