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Whose Dreams Are You Really Living?

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A recent conversation with a friend left me with this question that I now wish to throw to you. Whose dreams are you living? My friend has just graduated with a Master’s degree in Nursing. She is very proud of her latest accomplishment, and rightly so. She has been working on getting her Master’s for quiet some time now.

However the thing is this, when she called me to ecstatically share the good news, something she kept repeating struck me as odd. She kept referring to “her nay-sayers,” those people who always said she couldn’t do it, and she seemed to derive some sort of satisfaction from finally being able to prove them wrong.

Now, I have to agree that there is no sweeter revenge than to accomplish that one thing that many doubted you were capable of achieving. But, when that achievement becomes all about them, then where does that leave you?Many times, in our quest to seek “revenge” on the people who have doubted us, belittled our capabilities and questioned our intelligence, we set out on a journey that is all about proving them wrong, whether consciously or unconsciously. In the same way, we may even live our lives to prove people right. I almost went to law school because people said I would be good at it. But I know better now. And while it wasn’t easy convincing people - and even myself - that I would rather spend my days outside the courtroom, they eventually came to accept it.

So, I ask you again, whose dreams are you living? Just think about it very carefully. Are you a doctor today (wishing you had listened to your inner painter) because someone in your distant past said you would never be allowed to operate on a frog let alone a human being? Or, are you a teacher today (wishing you had listened to your inner dentist) because someone said you were good at it? Or, are you pursuing something that you believe deep down, despite all the outside voices around you, that you were called to do. Whose dreams are you really living?


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