Where: Virtual (write wherever you are). A private Facebook group will be set up for participants to post updates, do daily check-ins, and to keep the rest of the team motivated and encouraged. 
When: October 1, 2016 to January 1, 2017. (Because serious writers don't know what holidays are. Yes we'll be writing our way through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all holidays, so that we have something to toast to come New Year's Day!)
Why: Because our stories need to be told. We want our stories to be told.
Who: Serious writers who have already began working on a manuscript but find themselves stuck, unmotivated, and uninspired to go on. Participants must be hungry to come to the end of their story. 
What: I am looking for FIFTEEN (15) serious writers to join me on this 90-day writing challenge. The goal of the Write & Sip challenge is to complete an unfinished manuscript in the next 90 days. 
How: We will commit to writing for an hour every day for the next 90 days. The goal is to complete an unfinished manuscript. There must be no editing or revisions along the way; just free-style writing. Write the most error-ridden book (typos and all) you have ever written. We will worry about revising and editing once we have the full story on paper. At the end of the challenge, those who make it will start the self-editing challenge (part 2 of the challenge. Details coming later). At the end of the self-editing challenge, The Brielle Agency will offer free sample-edits and manuscript reviews to assess how ready your book is for publication. 

This challenge is for you if:
  • You already have words on paper (an unfinished manuscript)
  • You are serious about completing the story
  • You are willing to dedicate time to the process
  • You are dedicated to the success of others. 
  • You are excited to be part of a team. This will be a team effort. We will get to know each other and be each others' cheerleaders throughout the entire process. Please don't join if this is not something you think you can do. 

This challenge is not for you if:
  • You have no words on a page
  • You cannot commit to completing the challenge
  • You are solely seeking feedback on your work
  • You are looking for a writing coach
  • You don't like being part of a team

If you think you have what it takes and you got a fuzzy feeling just thinking about the possibilities, then sign up below. You will be notified and added once the Facebook page is setup and we are ready to start sipping and writing until the very end:

    Yes, sign me up for the Write & Sip Challenge! I'm in!



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